Bienvenidos a La Casa Flamenca!



This summer Casa Flamenca will be hosting intimate Flamenco performances with world-class local and national artists.  Get a seat on our tickets page!

July 11th and 12th will feature Casa Flamenca students at the Casa Flamenca (click for location) and the Elena Gallegos open space amphitheater in Albuquerque.  Check our calendar for additional performances throughout the summer, TBA.

We will be teaming up this summer with local visual artists to enhance the beauty of our outdoor city lamp, with a Flamenco-flare of course.

Ever tried an intensive, Flamenco-style bootcamp?  This July Casa Flamenca hosts is first annual Flamenco intensives!


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Why donate?

Casa Flamenca is dedicated to impacting the community around us.  Even with the lack of funding, the organization has sustained itself through dedicated volunteers and instructors to produce world-class instruction and programming for nearly 5 years.  For $60 your donation can pay for a full six week session to introduce a child to the art form of Flamenco.  With a more substantial donation you can enrich the lives  of men, women and children, young and old in the community around you.  Your donation goes a long way to help us move this great vision forward.  Together we can share this gift of Flamenco art and education with our community, our children and you.  “I believe in the vision at Casa Flamenca because it has enriched my life and I’ve seen one-by-one as it has enhanced the quality of life of the people around me.”-Jesus Muñoz, Director at Casa Flamenca