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Dear Casa Flamenca Friends and Students of Casa Flamenca,

Casa Flamenca shares our nation’s concern about the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) to New Mexico.  We want to confirm that everyone at Casa Flamenca is mindful of the prevention measures necessary to help minimize the spread of this virus. Therefore, in an effort to protect the safety of our audiences and students, Casa Flamenca has canceled/postponed all our programming for March through June.

All live concerts and tablao shows in Arizona and New Mexico are postponed or canceled from March through June.

***Casa Flamenca is excited to announce a new program Maestros del Flamenco. This online master class series is a new initiative which will allow Casa Flamenca to continue to present live flamenco despite the restrictions we are experiencing in the world today. Maestros del Flamenco will consist of a weekly two-day series of online presentations featuring great masters of flamenco dance, guitar and cante. Support the arts by receiving art! Click here for details and to register.***

In-person classes are postponed until further notice. In the meantime, we are livestreaming all dance and music classes via Zoom. Register here and join us for a great way to have fun and keep active while you stay at home!

This is a really hard time for our organization as well as many arts organizations around the world as we struggle to survive this crisis. We ask you to continue your support to us and DONATE NOWWE NEED YOU!

Stay safe and keep well!

Valeria Montes
Executive and Artistic Director
Casa Flamenca

ABQ Flamenco OFF
June 13th-21st

Casa Flamenca proudly presents the 1st annual ABQ FLAMENCO OFF. As we celebrate the National Institute of Flamenco’s 33rd annual Festival Flamenco Albuquerque, Casa Flamenca is excited to present a week of special programming to be held at Casa Flamenca June 13th-21st during Festival Flamenco Albuquerque. Albuquerque is the flamenco capital of the United States and we are proud to be part of this community. Casa Flamenca’s ABQ FLAMENCO OFF offers Festival participants special intimate tablaos featuring world-class flamenco artists each night of the week! Albuquerque ES Flamenco!

Who We Are

Casa Flamenca is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit performing arts organization whose mission is to teach, present, and preserve the art of flamenco. Our motto is that flamenco is for everyone. We are a community where anyone can come and learn flamenco dance and music. We encourage our students to immerse themselves in our unique cultural experience. Our artists, aficionados, and students make Casa Flamenca a unique community.

Flamenco Dance and Music Classes

At Casa Flamenca, flamenco is for everyone. We are committed to teaching flamenco dance and music to every person interested in learning this amazing art form regardless of age, experience, and background.

Performances and Events

Casa Flamenca is proud to bring you internationally recognized flamenco artists including featured resident artists from around the world! We offer an exciting year-round calendar of events featuring traditional, authentic flamenco tablao experiences, movie nights, and flamenco dance and music workshops.

Community Outreach Program

Casa Flamenca thrives on supporting our community at a personal level. We are a small organization but we make a HUGE impact one child at a time. Our individualized approach for our programs is the difference. Our Community Outreach Program includes:

  • Casa Flamenca Kids Program
  • Children with Disabilities Immersion Program
  • Public Schools Outreach Program
  • Kids Concert Series
  • Flamenco sin Fronteras Kids Program


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