Tablao Flamenco in Albuquerque (4th Annual)



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4th Annual

Casa Flamenca Flamenco Summer Tablaos


A Casa Flamenca Tablao is a traditional, authentic Flamenco experience and is performed completely acoustic with bouts of exciting improvisation.  Casa Flamenca artists are world-class, with featured resident artists from Andalucia, Spain.

Read the June 30th front page story about Casa Flamenca Tablaos from the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL– CLICK HERE!

 A tablao (colloquial term for the Spanish “tablado”, floorboard) is a place where flamenco  shows were performed and developed during the 1960’s-70’s throughout Spain replacing the “cafés cantantes” (cabarets).

 The “cafés cantantes” were entertainment establishments where they served drinks and offered performances of Flamenco singing, playing and dancing. These cafés had their peak from the mid-19th century and well into the second decade of the 20th century.

 The “cafés cantantes” used to have similar decorative style: walls decorated with bullfighting posters and mirrors in a large room with tables, and at the back which was the tablao, artists performed.

Come and enjoy an amazing night of Flamenco music and dance in the heart of Albuquerque  in Historic Old Town Albuquerque.  For reservations




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