February 9, 2018

“DREAM” Art and Writing Competition


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For Immediate Release: Friday February 10, 2018

Jesus Muñoz’s question and statement of “dream” shares the vibrancy of Flamenco, which at its core is a celebration of life. Despite everything going on with the world—people remember art, and use art as a channel for expressing feelings that we can’t always get out with words. We value cave drawings, communication by native tribes centuries ago, brush strokes from Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Picasso and the statement or story behind their messages. What were they thinking, feeling? How did they represent the times they lived in?

Meanwhile, sometimes we find a way to communicate and collaborate with each other and this concert is meant to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. With all the focus on immigration, separation, dream act, rights for women and working class citizens—Jesus Muñoz Flamenco is asking New Mexican youth a question as part of a NM statewide writing and drawing competition. “What does it mean to be American today?” The idea is to bring this question to life with a concert influenced by the answers of the children and youth. Sometimes we forget, they will often teach us much more than we will teach them.

Muñoz says, “I decided to reflect on a famous Nina Simone statement, “An artist’s duty as far as I am concerned, is to reflect the time.” … “So, I look around me, I read the paper, I see what’s online, in the media and how we’ve come so far—but at the same time—we’re moving backwards in social accountability and relationships. In a time where I feel that there is a lot of toxic narrative and a huge dump on the foundation of solidarity, we breathe love with this concert and express the fact that yes, we have emotions and— We are also pissed off. It’s ok to embrace negative emotion as well as the positive, because that is life. We are the 99% and watching day after day, the war on love and incessant pouring of gasoline on the blazen the fire of cruelty, it’s not ok. Dance and live events is one of those places where you still need to BE present. It is a real-time representation, and feeling of now. This is who we are.