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Casa Flamenca- A 501(c) (3) non profit organization, founded June 6, 2010.


Our mission is to create a vibrant, friendly community of individuals and artists who support the growth and development of world-class Flamenco art through programming and classes, for children through adults.  Flamenco, a passionate and visceral art form, is a way of life.  One must immerse in it to really understand it.  Here at Casa Flamenca, although far from Flamenco’s birth place, we create an environment that encourages our students to immerse themselves in our unique cultural community.  We create events and programming that allow our community be a part of this amazing art form.

*all proceeds go to support programs, classes and projects for Casa Flamenca, Inc.  For more information about donation(s), email:  director@jesusmunozflamenco.com


Class information and location for Casa Flamenca are listed in the tabs above and are on-going weekly.  Workshops and private lessons are offered throughout the year.  During the weekdays, the program includes classes for the absolute beginner all the way through professional development.  There is a child-specific class on Saturday which trains children in the fundamentals of Flamenco rhythm, palmas (hand-percussion) and dance techniques.

Staying true to Flamenco’s foundation as a solo art form, each individual at Casa Flamenca is trained independently so no two dancers look exactly alike.  Smaller class sizes at Casa Flamenca help the instructor tend to the needs of each student.  Often, classes will have a range of levels from beginning-intermediate students through concert professionals.  The professional students in class give beginning students an audio visual reference of where discipline and hard work can take them as a future Flamenco artist.

Casa Flamenca focuses on preserving Flamenco as a language.  It is important to be able to understand the heritage and oral traditions of Flamenco as a cultural art.  Using a structured method and codified terminology it becomes easier for the student to master the language of dynamic calls and signals which aid in the creation of both Flamenco choreography and original music.  Passing on this language of Flamenco, we help educate a community that can later educate others.


Founded by Jesus Muñoz in 2010, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Casa Flamenca, strives every day to preserve the roots and soul of the art of Flamenco. Our first classes and our first concert rehearsals were held out of an 8 x 8′ foot space in a small adobe guest house, three dancers at a time, one instructor and free admission.  Despite our lack of resources we had a vision:  We wanted our Flamenco art to be personal, we wanted our art to reek of integrity, genius and creativity, we wanted our work to be amazing and amazing meant a lot of individual time and hard work.  We wanted to share this passion, this gift and this beautiful art form with YOU.

We had dreams of becoming world-class artists, sharing this work on stage, teaching our vision to others but first, we had to start, so in 2007 we started by addressing our own needs and supporting our own vision.  We started at home.  Three times a week, we converted one bedroom with wooden floors to a house of Flamenco, in Spanish Casa Flamenca, because dancing for us was like breathing, it mattered more for us to train than to sit and wait for a perfect space to open up.  We worked for three hours a day or more after our regular classes and took notes, recorded ourselves and developed our training.  It was exhausting and we had our struggles, but also many successes.  Many of us have begun to reach our goals of performing and teaching around the world.  The new Casa Flamenca, still a small home-based Center for Flamenco Art in Albuquerque, NM, established itself as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit in 2010 and has since produced original, world-class artists in Flamenco art.  Casa Flamenca continues to develop students in a unique and personal way, staying true to the foundation of the organization, but we all recognize the sacrifice it takes and we always remember– that it all started at home first, in a Casa Flamenca. -Jesus Muñoz, Director at Casa Flamenca




_DSC0132-2Jesus Muñoz

is recognized for his deep understanding of Cante Flamenco and improvisational control over rhythm.  Muñoz has performed, produced and directed in the United States, Canada & Spain.  He is Founder and Director of Jesus Muñoz Flamenco and Co-Director of the Detroit-based, La Chispa and Company.  Muñoz teaches a growing student base at his school, Casa Flamenca, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and for the past seven years has toured nationally with New York City- based company, Carlota Santana’s Flamenco Vivo.

In March 2013, Muñoz was a featured soloist at Lincoln Center for the 100 Years of Flamenco in New York City exhibit.  He has also been a featured soloist at Jazz Cafe at Music Hall, the Detroit Institute of the Arts’ Spanish Masters Series, the National Museum of Dance, Nasher Museum at Duke University, and has closed for the Denver Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra in 2011.

He has performed at the University of Sevilla, the Spanish Embassy, Palacio Andaluz and for the Prince of Spain.  Called “riveting” by the Albany Gazette, he is referred to by fellow artists as a “jazz session artist” with the live-performance direction of an orchestra conductor.  Muñoz’s current projects include choreographing for the world premiere of Rudolfo Anaya’s Rosalinda and debuting Jesus Muñoz Flamenco: Red Note as part of the first annual partnership concert with the prestigious National Hispanic Cultural Center, endorsed by the Instituto Cervantes.

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DSC_6758Valeria Montes

has been described as “mesmerizing” by the Detroit free press and “beauty in motion” by the Metro times. She is known as La Chispa (the Spark) for her passionate and vibrant interpretation of Cante Flamenco (flamenco song) and for her complex rhythmic zapateado.

Born in Mapimi, Dgo. Mexico.  Montes began her dance studies at the age of five in her native Mexico studying Ballet, Baile folklorico, gymnastics, and at age 20 she moved to Michigan, USA where she started dancing Spanish classical dance with local instructor, Maria Del Carmen Montes. Eventually moving to Spain to get immersed in the world of flamenco; she was very fortunate to study with legendary families and artists of flamenco: Farruco family, Carmen Ledesma, Concha Vargas and Miguel Vargas. She has also studied Cante Flamenco with Esperanza Fernandez, which she feels is vital for dancers to do to understand the art form in a more profound way.

In 2010 she won the prestigious Kresge artist fellowship for Performing Arts. She is co-founder of COMPAS “center of music and performing arts Southwest” where she continues to teach workshops for the community in Michigan. Valeria is a full-time instructor at Casa Flamenca in Albuquerque, NM. Today, Montes continues her dance training with Jesus Muñoz.

Valeria Montes  Kresge 2010 Fellowship winner

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